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  • 68 The Musical

68 The Musical

68 The Musical

68 The Musical

Sat 19 Oct, 7:30pm

Running Times: 2 hours (20 minute interval)
Age Guidance: 14+

Do you think if we really believe it, we can change the world?

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Cynthia, a Yorkshire factory worker and wannabe fashion designer, is desperate to be a part of the changes happening in swinging London. Wide eyed and innocent, Cynthia soon finds herself under the wing of the intriguing and glamourous Jayne and her family of collected outcasts.

Using 1960’s inspired music, and set around the events of the Grosvenor Square riots, 68 tackles the clash of cultures taking place in late 1960’s Britain from the changing attuites towards gay rights, and the Vietnam war, to police brutality and the lasting effects of sexual abuse.

The ripple effects of the riot threaten the fabric of peace and love for all of them, but can they find a way to come together and ‘sew the world back together with love?

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Sat 19 Oct, 7:30pm £13.50 - £15 Book

Main Auditorium, Carriageworks Theatre