Leeds Ticket Hub

Purchasing Policy

  1. Your Account

    • In order to create an account with Leeds Ticket Hub you must:
      • Be 18 years old, and able to enter legally binding contracts
      • Creating an account for a product/service/membership designed for someone underneath the age of 18 requires the express permission of a responsible parent or guardian. This is often sought through an application form attached to the product/service/membership.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the data held within the customer account, and ensure that it is correct at all times.
    • Information held within ‘Your Account’ will not be shared with any third party, or used for marketing purposes without your express consent.
      • When seeking your consent, Leeds Ticket Hub will clearly state what data will be shared, and with what organisation.
      • By purchasing tickets or goods for collection, you agree to share basic details with the venue in order to facilitate your attendance at an event and/or collection of goods. This data will be ‘name’, ‘order number’ and ‘seating position’/’goods to collect’.
    • We may ask for information pertinent to delivering assistance tickets, including your eligibility & medical requirements. This information will be stored securely on the system and only accessible to members of staff with key permissions.
    • We reserve the right to terminate your account and/or cancel any of your orders and/or prohibit you from making future orders if:
      • Any abusive or threatening behaviour is carried out by you or on your behalf or via your account
      • We suspect any fraudulent activity or other illegal activity is carried out by you or on your behalf or via your account
      • We suspect any unauthorised use of your account or other unauthorised activity is carried out by you or on your behalf or via your account
      • We are ordered to do so by any legal or regulatory authority
      • If you break any terms set out by this purchasing policy or terms laid out in the venues conditions of entry.
    • Customers must not create multiple accounts.
    • You may close your account at any time by emailing tickets@leeds.gov.uk, but this closure will not be fully enacted until any upcoming events purchased via this account have passed.
  1. Ticket Purchases & Pricing

    • All prices displayed include all fees, charges, levies & compulsory taxes. These consist of:
  • Face value – this is the cost of the ticket as set by the event organiser
  • Booking fee – this is the fee charged to process your booking, including staffing time, system costs and payment handling charges. This is retained by Leeds Ticket Hub   Current charge is 10% of the order value (inclusive of VAT).
  • VAT – charged at the prevailing rate at the time of your booking.
  • LEVY – If applicable, charged by the venue for a specific purpose, usually heritage restorations.
    • All effort is taken to ensure prices are correct at the time events goes on sale. If an error is discovered, you will be (A) offered the difference in value as a refund via your original payment method or (B) if you have paid less than expected you will be offered a full refund, or asked to ‘top up’ the payment to the full intended price.
    • Tickets cannot be refunded after purchase, except in the case of a materially altered or cancelled performance/event. This does not affect your statutory rights.
      • Should you need to request an exchange from one performance of an event to another of the same event, where possible, Leeds Ticket Hub will facilitate this without charge.
    • Any resale, or attempt to sell tickets at a higher price than originally purchased, will result in the order being cancelled without prior notification.
    • Agency tickets are accepted on the understanding that the agent is acting for the customer and not for Leeds City Council. The customer should make themselves aware of the ticket agents’ own terms and conditions of sale when booking through a third party/agent as their acceptance of those terms is with the agent and they may differ from those stated here.
    • When booking discounted tickets, proof of eligibility is required. Tickets may be held at box office whilst proof is checked or requested on entry to the venue.
    • All ticket prices quoted are for tickets purchased in advance of the event. The promoter reserves the right to change the advertised price at any time.
    • In the event of a refund, the face value will be returned to you, which is the price that you paid for the ticket, minus the booking fee. Any delivery method which incurs a charge and has been fulfilled will not be refunded.
  1. Gift Vouchers

    • Gift Vouchers issued by Leeds Ticket Hub are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.
    • Gift Vouchers can be used for any ticket, merchandise, donation, membership or cost of delivery.
    • Gift Vouchers are not able to be extended once expired.
  1. Payments

    • Leeds Ticket Hub accepts the following payments online & via telephone:

Visa & MasterCard (debit/credit cards)

Valid gift vouchers

  • Leeds Ticket Hub accepts the following payments in person:

Visa & Mastercard (debit/credit cards)

Valid gift vouchers

Cash payments

  • Cheques (made payable to Leeds City Council) and Direct Debit functions are available for certain products which will be clearly noted on the website page and/or marketing and promotional material. In all other cases cheques and Direct Debit payment methods are not
  1. Merchandise

    • Merchandise is defined as the purchase of a physical product from Leeds Ticket Hub, either connected to a show, or a stand-alone item which is otherwise unconnected to an upcoming show
    • Products related to an upcoming show will be available for collection from the venue on the day of the performance
    • Stand-alone products unconnected to a shows, will be available for delivery or collection.
    • In all cases, you’re right to cancel or refund merchandise products ceases 14 days after your receipt of the item.
    • Items bought via third parties, such as ticketing agent, are bound by the terms of sale agreed to at the point of purchase with the third party. Any issues relating to products purchased through a third party must be directed to the third party.
  1. Memberships

    • Memberships purchased through Leeds Ticket Hub do not currently attract a processing or booking fee.
    • Terms of membership are agreed on completion of purchase.
    • If the membership delivers venue benefits, such as free entry or discount on site, your membership details will be shared with the venue on the condition that you have an active membership to enable facilitating the benefit.
    • Additional information may be sought, and held within your membership to facilitate the benefits, course or entrance that the membership permits.
    • Benefits, such as free entry or discounts, are non-transferable and the membership holder must be the benefactor of the membership.
    • Any benefit transferred to a non-membership holder could be cancelled, without refund or notice and admission to the event, course or further benefits denied.
  1. Delivery

    • In all cases, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure tickets display the correct information. Any errors or omissions must be communicated at the first opportunity to do so. Communicating errors or omissions at the time of the event is not considered appropriate timing and could result in refusal to admit.
    • All customers who have purchased tickets further than 2 weeks in advance of an event, can reasonably expect to have received their tickets within 5 days prior to the event date. Should this fail to happen please email: tickets@leeds.gov.uk or call 0113 376 0318.

Postal deliveries

  • We aim to post tickets out within 1 week of an order being placed, although this can vary if there are significant demands placed on this service.
  • We may restrict postage methods to ‘signed for’, ‘recorded delivery’ or ‘special delivery’ for certain events,  such as events which have ‘general entry’, whereby the tickets does not refer to a specific seat.
  • Leeds Ticket Hub will not re-issue tickets which are lost in the post, without a reference claim from the postal service (currently Royal Mail), which are designated ‘general entry’ as per the above definition.
  • Should your tickets not arrive, please email tickets@leeds.gov.uk or call 0113 376 0318 with your reference number, name and event booked.


Mobile & E-tickets

  • Mobile and E-ticket delivery is intended to be near instant, however in some cases we reserve the right to deliver these at a later date – this will be clearly noted on your receipt and on the event webpage.
  • Mobile & E-tickets holders must enter as a whole party. Delivery of these tickets cannot be split into 2 or more parts.
  • Mobile & E-tickets must be shown as the ‘live’ document upon entry, screenshots or other such replications will not be accepted.
  1. Event changes, rescheduling or cancellation

    • Event changes are last minute alterations, usually caused by travel issues, sickness or other such unexpected events. Changes could be categorised, but not limited to;
      Event line-up changes, event start time delay, changes to the length or programme of events, changes to preannounced performance routines, interval time change or removal, change of venue.
    • In cases of event changes, Leeds Ticket Hub will do everything in its power to make you aware, but refunds will not be offered.
    • Event rescheduling refers to the process of moving an event from one date to another, all tickets will be moved from the original date to the new date in like for like seating.
    • In the case of events moving date and venue, equivalent value seating will be issued.
    • In the case of an event being rescheduled we will offer a defined period of time in which you must notify Leeds Ticket Hub that you wish to seek a refund. Once this period has elapsed we understand this to be the signal of your intention to attend. After such date no refund will be offered. This period will be no less than 1 week.
    • In all cases any booking fee or fulfilled delivery charges will not be refunded.


  • Event cancellation refers to an event being cancelled and an alternative date not being offered by the event promoter. In this case all tickets will be refunded minus the booking fee and any fulfilled delivery charges from the original booking.
  • At no point can Leeds Ticket Hub be held liable for, but not limited to, travel costs, parking costs, hotel or overnight stay costs, meals or drinks expenses, distress or any other costs associated for event changes, reschedules or cancellations as the customer assumes the risk of these products themselves.
  1. Venue Entry

    • Any ticket issued by Leeds Ticket Hub has the ability to be scanned at the access point to the venue. Cancelled, duplicated, altered and defaced tickets will be considered invalid and refused entry. This entry is logged into our ticketing software and recorded against your account.
    • Any ticket that is considered invalid and therefore breaks the purchase policy will not be considered for refund.
  1. Venue Terms and Conditions

    • Each venue reserves the right to offer its own terms of entry. These can be found on the venues website and will be linked to on Leedstickethub.co.uk
    • Customers who breach venue terms of entry will not be considered for a refund
    • Leeds Ticket Hub will only consider refund requests that refer to on-site experience that are validated from an appropriate venue contact.
    • Leeds Ticket Hub will seek to validate any refund request made directly to Leeds Ticket Hub with the venue before offering said refund. This can mean requests can take up to 10 working days to be validated and processed.